Friday, January 22, 2016

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Border...

Today was my first time going to the Niagara Boardgaming Weekend, and I had a great time. Tons of people, everyone super friendly, exactly what I expect to find in a large group of gamers. What I was not looking forward to was the border crossing.

I have been pulled over recently with my whole family in tow, and it's the worst. Today, I only had my best friend Mike with me, but we were on a tight schedule, as I had get the kids off the bus. I waited my turn and slowly approached, stopped for my photo and then approached the booth. The man in the booth looked like he was Vin Diesel's body double from the movie RIDDICK. "Where were you born?" he asked. Quickly we responded, "United States." "Where were you?" and we respond we were at a board game convention. The man stops and says "Did you buy anything? I have been looking for the 1999 version of Risk, but it's like $40 on eBay."

I paused...Wait....What? is this guy actually asking me about board games? Yes. Yes, he is. I put the car in park, and start telling him about the 40th Anniversary Edition that came out and has pewter figures, but it's very expensive. I think he is going to let us go at this point, but he says "Have you ever played Heroquest? Man I love that game! I bought one online, but it was over $100!" Is this really happening? I can feel the disbelief seeping from Mike's brain. I go on to talk to him about how the expansions are also super expensive since they are out of print, but that for the 25th anniversary they are suppose to have new version on Kickstarter. "Really? That's great! Well, I'll let you guys go, have a great day". "You too." I said, and if I ever run across that guy again, I am totally up for a game of Heroquest.

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  1. Hahahahah, that's awesome. I once got out of a speeding ticket because I had Mr. Bacon's Big Adventure in my back seat.