Sunday, January 31, 2016

"It's the Bottom of the Ninth..."

So, I know some of you might look at this blog and think, "This guy must let his son win, no one loses that much to a kid." I want you to know I have played over 400 different games, and have won a local tournament of a game or two. I do not let him win, ever. That being said, I present the story from today.

I recently purchased Dice Hate Me GamesBottom of the 9th, with the Sentinels of the Multiverse expansion. Quick info on the game:

It's the bottom of the ninth inning. The game is tied. It's down to the home team to score one run to win it all. Unfortunately, the home team is staring down the league's best closer.
A dice and card game for two players, Bottom of the 9th brings all the excitement of the final three outs of a baseball game into a compact 5-20 minute game session. With variable player strengths, bluffing/deduction, and die-rolling, only the pitcher knows what's coming and the batter needs to keep his eyes peeled. Bottom of the 9th is played over the course of three outs, or four hits (for one run scored) — whichever occurs first.

So, I explained the game to Tyler and asked him if he wanted to be the batter or the pitcher. He tells me he wants to be the batter and I say "Okay."  I start with Setback as my pitcher.  He counters with Guise. I'm up big on Guise, 0 balls and 2 strikes. I pitch inside corner, which means Ty has to roll the exact number on the die in order to hit it. He does, and we start rolling to see if he is safe, or if he gets out. And it is at this point he yells "SIX!" which means he crushes the ball and gets a special roll to see what kind of hit he gets. he rolls another six. "Home Run!" he yells. I now have one chance to roll a six and catch the ball at the wall to get him out..... SIX! OMG I rolled a six! the kid's luck has run out! "Next batter!" I say as I smirk at him.

It's HAKA, and the first pitch is a ball, and he swings on it. That's one strike. Again, I get the inside corner, this is great! I roll a 5. His modifier is a +1/+2 from the pitch and.... he rolls a natural 5. so he rolls to see if he gets one base and I try to get him out....."SIX!" he yells. "Come on!" is my response. Okay, well go ahead and roll because there is no way..... "HOME RUN!!!" he yells.... "Come ON!" is my response. As I pick up the red die and try to block the home run, I knew I was not going to do it twice. I rolled a 5, game over.

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