Monday, February 29, 2016

AEG 2015 Blackbox Draft - Round 1

*The Commissioner has ruled that because there is one manual for the Lost Legacy games, they are to be treated as a single game.

The AEG Tokens were used to determine who will pick first.  The Stashhawks chose yellow/blue, Jim selected red/black.  And the token drawn is................YELLOW! The Stashhwaks get the first pick......wait!  The Nokeepers have offered their #2 and #4 picks for the #1 overall pick.....and.....The Stashhawks DECLINE the trade offer!  The Stashhawks are heading to the podium now, let's see what they announce as their first pick. Onto the AEG BLACK BOX draft!!!

1st Pick
With the first pick in the draft, the Stashhawks select.....Bacon Wars!
(*Review up now at A Board Game A Day )

Mike: And, in true Gamegrabber fashion, there's excitement right out of the gate, Jim!  We knew that, despite allegations of performance-enhancing substances, Bacon Wars was rumored to be a contender for first pick in the draft, and now we've seen proof positive that Bacon Wars was at the top of both team's draft boards!  Quite frankly, I'm a bit surprised James "The Mad Flipper" didn't try to sweeten the deal a bit more -- Bacon Wars would've gone a long way to address the Nokeepers' shelf needs.

Jim: Mike, we all knew that the Nokeepers were targeting Bacon Wars, but the fact of the matter is, who can say 'no' to bacon? Clearly not the Stashhawks.

2nd Pick
With the second pick in the draft, the Nokeepers select....... The Lost Legacy Bundle!

Mike: After a shocker of a first round, this pick makes the most sense for Flippington.  Losing Bacon Wars to the Stashhawks has appeared to somewhat derail owner Apollo C. Vermouth's plans for a rebuild; choosing Lost Legacy here shows they've changed up their draft strategy a bit, and are now relying a bit more on quantity and variety.

Jim: After the pick, Mr. Vermouth was heard yelling, "That's two for me! That's two for me!"  The default mode for Flippington is always having a deep roster, so this was clearly the pick after being unable to obtain Bacon Wars.

3rd Pick
With the third pick, the Stashhawks select.............Pretense!

Mike:  Another first for the Gamegrabber Leage!  The openly social game, Pretense, has been selected third overall, the highest draft showing for a social game ever!  Hoard City Stashhawks owner, P.J. Washbasin and GM Brian deserve some recognition here for their commitment to equality and social progress.  It's nice to know that social games, too, will have a strong, positive role model in the Gamegrabber League.  Pretense and its life-partner, Best With Five To Six Players, have been working toward this goal for years -- It's terrific to see that hard work finally pay off at the highest echelon!

Jim: Best With Five To Six Players was never even invited to the combine, let alone selected taken in the first round. It's good to see them here at the draft supporting Pretense.

4th Pick
With the fourth pick, the Nokeepers select.....Adventure Time Love Letter!

Mike: A safe and solid pick for the Nokeepers.  Adventure Time Love Letter's stock has suffered in this draft, no doubt owing to the existence of Love Letter, Love Letter: Letters to Santa, Love Letter: Wedding Edition, Love Letter: Kanai Factory Limited Edition, Munchkin Loot Letter, Love Letter: Star Wars, Love Letter: The Hobbit, Love Letter: Batman, Love Letter: Tempest Edition, and Love Letter: Legend of the Five Rings Edition, but consistency is an oft-undervalued attribute.

Jim: AT:LL was considered to be the number two pick in the draft, and has fallen to fourth! Some would say this is due, in part, to the shakeup in the draft, with Bacon Wars being ruled draft eligible.  AT:LL was reached for comment, and said they were happy to be going to a team for which his father, Love Letter, already plays.

Mike: That about wraps it up here for Day One, and--Jim, I'm getting word that the AEG Logo Tokens have gone on a Twitter tirade, chastising the Nokeepers and the Stashhawks for overlooking them in the first round.  That could effect their stock a bit, I hope their agent gets them under control and deletes those tweets.  Barring further drama, be sure to join us later in the week for Day Two!

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