Thursday, February 18, 2016

Double Duke Panic - A Stratego Story

Tyler wanted me to tell this story from a recent game of Stratego Tournament.

Sometimes, when we set up our troops, due to the extra spaces on the board, we have a setup I call "The Double Duke".  This is where both back corners look exactly the same. In this particular game, Tyler had deployed this strategy, and was all set.

However I brought the archer up the side and when I got close enough on my turn I said "SHOOT" and killed his 5. Now we have all played board games or video games where panic sets in and you lose the ability to think rationally. This is what happen to Tyler. I had indeed picked the correct side of the board, and he went into "oh no" mode. He moved his next piece to where the last piece was... "Ummm, shoot?" I said, and killed his archer.

Tyler grabbed his head in despair, and moved his left piece over to the right, where the last two pieces had stood before getting killed by my archer, who is now clearly just camping out in front of a shooting range. "Umm... Shoot??" I said with a puzzling voice as he took his other archer off the board. He looked at me with such a look of sadness. He took a deep breath and I asked, "Are you ok?" and he looked at what he had done and slapped himself in the forehead. I mercifully ended the game at this point, and we started again with the memory of the archer/assassin behind us.

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