Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Review - King's Gold (2014) - Blue Orange Games

The Blurb

The Caribbean Islands were once a lawless cove run by merchant marines transporting stolen treasures. When news reached the King that these pirates were amassing great riches, he ordered a cut of their loot.
Now in King's Gold, it's your turn to be a pirate, and you must try to pillage ships and other pirates along the way. How far will you go to deceive the greedy King and become the richest pirate on the coast and at sea? On a turn, the active player rolls the five dice up to three times. If a die shows crossbones, it's locked until the end of the turn; otherwise, a player can roll or leave dice as he wants.
When all sixty coins in the box have been removed, the game ends and whoever has the most coins wins.

The Gist

Roll the dice, steal gold, don't get crossbones.

The Play

Tyler is a gambler at heart, so he tends to over-roll. In the first game, I was able to get the five cannons early, get all the gold from the box, and win. The second game was much closer, but I was able to roll all coins towards the end to take all the King's gold and score the victory.

The Bits


The production quality is good, but nothing really stands out to me.


I liked the dice. The design of the dice is well done. The one symbol reminds me of the Webelos symbol.

The Good, The Bad, The Rating


I like the feel of the game. The fact that you're never out of it, no matter how many coins you're behind, is a plus. This game is a super-light filler, and if you're looking for a game similar to Zombie Dice, but with player interaction, you will enjoy this game.

Tyler :

There is not much going on in the game. There are limited choices on what you can do, even though you are playing against your opponents. It is talked about as a being a replacement for Zombie Dice, but to me, Zombie Dice is still a better dice-rolling game.


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