Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Review - Stratego Fortress (2007) - Jumbo

The Blurb
Stratego Fortress is a 3D variant of Stratego.  Each of the two players control a fortress with three levels, and also some noble knights to invade the opposite fortress. The goal is to capture the adversarial flag.

There are secret passages to discover, pitfalls to avoid, and powerful wizards and sneaky dwarves to deal with. Beware of the the princess, or you will succumb to her charm. Only the bravest will win!

The Play:

Tyler was able to find my flag hidden on the first floor of the castle, but lets not dwell on this, Let's go to the next picture, shall we?

The starting position is E-5, which is the spot closest to the table, now look where my son the riverboat gambler put his flag, shall we?  He put it in D-5! that's right, he figured he knew me so well that I would go up and over instead of to the right. All I had to do was say D-5 on my first move, and we would have been talking about how I beat my son in one move. But alas, that is not how it happened.

Favorite Card/ Component:


I like the poison cup, because if your opponent lands on it, he has to go back to start and loses 2 turns, which gives you 3 turns in a row (for all the good it did me).



I like the board! It had 3 levels, which is something I thought was unique to this game.



If Stratego and Battleship had a lovechild and hid it in Germany, it would be this game. If you love both of these classic games, this is the perfect game for you. It stores all the pieces inside the folded up castle, but if you pick it up the wrong way they all fall out, which is annoying. Also, it is somewhat difficult to find due to the German distribution.  Difficult, but not impossible.



 I felt like there was no reason to use any other piece except the highest number to raid the opponents castle. I did not see a point in trying to find the secret tunnels. The art style is very good in the game. I did not like the game very much because it was too much like battleship


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