Wednesday, March 2, 2016

AEG 2015 Blackbox Draft - Postgame

Jim: It's been a very exciting draft and our final thoughts are coming up.  But first, who will receive the Fan's Choice Award for best draft performance?  Let's have a look at our poll, sponsored by NBC's Jesse!

Who Came Out Ahead?

Jim:  Using our state-of-the-art polling system, we've asked our audience who they thought had the better outing.  The people have spoken, and it's clear that they feel Flippington won this draft by a landslide. The sheer volume of games they walked away with was the difference, I think.

Some careful draft picks in both rounds saw the Stashhawks acquire what they want, and live to fight another day. It was an odd reversal of fortune, as the Nokeepers are more known for such actions.

Mike:  I sense this was a very stressful draft for Flippington, Jim!  The Stashhawks controlled the
board, and took everyone they wanted with impunity. I'm certain the Nokeepers are unhappy about mostly running their war room in damage control mode.  Their struggles today notwithstanding, the fans at home are still squarely in the Nokeepers' corner, and in spite of being beaten to a few names at the top of their draft board, they did walk away with a lot of new pieces to the puzzle.

Jim: That about wraps it up from Draft Central! The Nokeepers come out ahead at the end of the day. The Stashhawks will have the first pick in the next draft, whether it be the rumored White Dragon Draft or at the very least the TSS draft in December. Thanks to everyone for the positive comments, this was a fun to do.

Mike: Cheers, folks!

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