Tuesday, March 1, 2016

AEG 2015 Blackbox Draft - Round 2

Round One Recap:

Jim: Bacon Wars really threw a bacon-greased wrench into the whole draft. Once they were allowed to be a participant, it was difficult to tell how the rest of the first round would fall.

Mike: You said it, Jim!  Bacon Wars really was the lynchpin of the draft this year.  Look how drastically the field has been altered now that the Nokeepers are unable to follow their roadmap.  Will the second round hold as many surprises as the first?

Round 2-

1st Pick

With the first pick of the second round, the Stashhawk select........Who Stole the Cookie?

Jim: Who Stole the Cookie? THE STASHHAWKS DID! A strong childrens game is added to the Stashhawks depleted coffer of children's games.

Mike: Ohhh!  Though stolen it may be, I think this pick was a bit of a reach, Jim!  I wonder if the Stashhawks pulled the trigger early to keep Who Stole The Cookie? off of Flippington's shelf.  GM Brian should've known that the Nokeepers have already addressed their cookie theft-themed needs through free agency with the signing of Cookie Cop to a one-year, veteran minimum deal. Nevertheless, Who Stole The Cookie? stands a good chance of making the final roster, or at the very least, providing some camp competition for Toss Your Cookies.

2nd Pick

With the second pick of the second round, the Nokeepers select....Empire Engine - Cold War Edition!

Jim: The simultaneous action selection engine chugs its way right to Flippington. The Mad Flipper is know for his love of S.A.S., and this one should make it to the shelf of honor in no time.

Mike: It was a tough choice, with both teams fighting for the best pieces to rebuild their franchises with.  Empire Engine is a solid choice this late in the second round.  I suspect the Nokeepers will spend big bucks to bring in a S.A.S. specialist rather than rely solely on Empire Engine.  

3rd Pick

There is some trade talk going on for the Stashhawks final pick...... Here is the decision on the pick..

"The Stashhawks have traded their final pick in the draft to the Nokeepers for future considerations."
The Nokeepers will get the final two picks.

With the third pick the Nokeepers select AEG Tokens!

Mike: The AEG Tokens should be enjoying this moment, but it looks like they're still unhappy not to have been taken in the first round, Jim.  Those tokens have a bit of growing up to do if they're going to compete at this level for very long.  That said, this is a great strategic pick for the Nokeepers this late in the draft.  The AEG Tokens and Empire Engine should make a serviceable tandem.

Jim: This was really no surprise to me, Mike. The AEG Tokens are longtime teammates of Empire
Engine, so it makes sense for them to be together. I know this is not where the tokens expected to be picked, but they have to be happy with the ultimate outcome.

4th Pick

With the final pick of the draft the Nokeepers select Agent Hunter

Jim: Bluffing and deduction is whats for dessert in the final selection of the draft. Agent Hunter is the last selection of this years draft, but could easily wind up the most played game from the draft for the nokeepers.

Mike: Agent Hunter is a number-one pick on someone's shelf out there.  I'm sure Flippington will benefit greatly from this pick, either with the on-table play, or the clubhouse value.  And now we've reached the end of the draft!  Be sure to check back with us for recap and highlights!


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