Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bring Out Yer Wed

My birthday was Monday. It is tradition in our family that on your birthday, we do whatever that person wants to do on their day. After work, I wanted to play board games, but my wife was not feeling good, and I was going to opt out of playing, but she said, "No, you want to play a game, lets play." Now, for the record, my wife (like most wives in the hobby I have run across), is not a gamer. She likes some games, like Blokus and Zooloretto, but it is not something at the top of her list of things to do with free time. I will literally play any game, I don't care. So, I tend to get some strange games in from time to time. I would like to present the conversation as it happened when my wife, my son and I played this game Monday, and I think it will speak to all the gamers out there, as well as all the spouses who deal with our obsession (lets be honest I mean wives because I have never met a female gamer whose husband does not also play).

Wife: Pick any game that you want.

Me: Are You Sure?

Wife: Yes, what game are you picking?

Me: I got one in today!  It's called Bring Out Yer Dead.

Wife:  ...What do you do in that game?

Me: You work at a cemetery, and you have to bury your relatives.

Wife: What?!

Me: Well, they're dead, your're not burying live relatives.  That would be cruel.

Wife: ...

Wife: Ok.

Me: So, you have to play cards from your hand, and try to get your coffin pieces into the cart, and then bury them in the cemetery plots. If there are no spots left in the cart, you have to throw the coffin in the river.

Wife: Really?

Me: Yup.

Wife: Ok, lets play.

PS - Tyler beat both of us.

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