Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Review - Cube Quest (2013) - Gamewright

The Blurb:

Cube Quest is a dexterity game in which lightweight hollow cubic dice are flicked across custom rubber mats. Cubes that leave the mats are defeated. Play alternates until someone wins by defeating the enemy king. Cubes also risk defeat in enemy territory; if they land "shadow" side up, they have been captured and must be rolled, like dice, to determine whether they escape. The cubes have different strengths and special abilities, such as taking extra flicks, immobilizing enemy cubes, reviving lost cubes, and hiding before strategic re-positioning. The game allows for custom army building using a simple point system. Pre-battle setup involves a tactical selection of cubes worth a total of 40 points maximum to fight alongside their king. Each player also chooses how to position their cubes, creating individual attack and defense formations and structures!

The Gist:

Shoot dice at each other. And also try to knock the king off the board.

The Play:

We decided to do a best-of-five! You start out with 40 points, and each character costs a different amount. I tend to take all the grunts, which are easily captured but gives me a bunch of dice, and Ty likes to do the same.

Game 1 - Tyler's king was on the brink of elimination, and survived. He slowly eliminated my team until it was just my king vs Ty's king and a grunt. He won, as I shot my king past his in an attempt to knock it off the board.

Game 2 - This one was over rather quickly, as Tyler sniped my king with a grunt from halfway across the board like a billiards trick shot in the 5th round.

And now, for the first time ever, we go live to Game 3..!

 Tyler wins in a shutout, 3-0.

The Bits:



"The board makes this game for me. it's really ties the dice in thematically very well."


"Skulk is my favorite piece, because it can hide and return on the opponents side of the board at a later time."


The Good, The Bad, The Rating:
*Before I get into the rating, I want to say that Gamewright has amazing customer service. When I first bought this game, it had 2 mats that did not stay level at all. When I contacted customer service, they said there had been a lot of complaints about the mats, and they were going to send people that bought the game the Second Edition...for free!!! Amazing.


This game reminds me of a quick tabletop version of crossbows and catapults that I played as a kid (or as a twenty-something adult). It's a fast play and smashing dice action, what's not to love about that? Fun is had every time we play



I like that the dice characters each have theie own special power. I also like that there are many ways to build your team. I would give this game a rating of OVER 9000!!!!!! but Dad said to rate it based out of five so...


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