Friday, March 25, 2016

That time I went to Boardgame Mecca

Last December was my daughter's 13th birthday. We decided to take her to the one place our teenager would be super excited about....Harry Potter World in Florida. When the plane landed, I had a mission.  A mission that only the patient wife of a game addict would understand. That's right, true believers! I was going to Cool Stuff, Inc., and I was going to get to go before the rest of the official trip even started.

My wife, being a non-gamer, was dropped off at the nail salon I found down the street, and my son (who wanted Pokemon cards) and daughter (who wanted to not be in the nail salon) ventured with me a mile or so down the street. Oh, joy! I was going to be able to look through hundreds of games and just browse and browse...and... and.. and when I got there, it was very very tiny. Well, I should correct that, the building is huge, but the actual store is tiny. I went over to the game wall and saw a few games. I have to be honest, I was really confused.  The middle of the store was nothing but tables, for tournaments and gameplay and such.  On the opposite wall were a row of... computers? It was at this point a kind worker with a British accent asked me if I needed help. I said that I was expecting more games out in the store.

He told me that all the games are in the back in the warehouse, which is connected to the building. All I needed to do was walk over to the computers, log into my CSI account, place an order for in-store pickup, then walk to the counter and tell him my order number, and he would go into the back and get it for me right away. Okay, so no browsing, but still amazing prices.

When he walked away my daughter had a look on her face that I could only describe as "excited anime girl," and she said "OH MY GOD! HE HAS A BRITISH ACCENT THAT'S SOOOO AMAZING THIS STORE IS AWESOME!!". My daughter likes 10 Days in Europe and Channel A and that's about it for modern gaming, so the fact that someone with a British accent talked to her made this an amazing stop on the trip.

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