Thursday, April 21, 2016

すべての子供は、勝利の歌を必要としています! (Every kid needs a victory song!)

Lately, I have been looking for ways to redo the logo for the blog, generally make it look more aesthetically pleasing.  After some searching, I wound up on Fiverr.

For those that don't know, Fiverr is an online open market concept to find artists, tech support, and all sorts of other things to purchase (including a girl who will slap her brother in the face). During the process of trying to make a better logo, I first I hired someone to take the main logo/header image thing put a Dragonball Z aura around Tyler, and possibly have the table in the process of being flipped by his power. What I got back was Tyler dressed as Goku. I asked them to put Tyler back in regular clothes and hair, and I got Tyler looking like a mini-Spock. Fail!

I moved on to the next artist, and they were going to do the picture of us as anime-styled animals (me as a buffalo and Tyler as a tiger). However, when I got it back, it was just two separate pictures of me and Tyler as animals. That person was also fired.

I then tried to just do a simple logo that my daughter had done a rough draft of, and that also failed three times to produce anything, including one person who lobbied hard for the gig, and then never responded once I paid her. During all of this, I received a $5 credit, and tried to find something that I could use for the site.  Or, at the very least, something that would amuse me or Ty.

After some browsing, I came across a man in India who would compose and produce music track or theme track of 1 minute. I explained to him what the blog was and what I was looking for. The first track he made me I was not happy with. If I had to describe it I would say it was music that Mario and Luigi would walk to. The second attempt produced this track, which is now Ty's victory song!

PS - Fiverr is a wasteland of the creative, weird and interesting. Enter at your own risk!

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