Friday, April 1, 2016

FFG Announces Newly-Expanded Lineup

First Announcement:  Fantasy Flight's Newest Franchise

Fantasy Flight Games has announced plans to further develop and expand their popular Eldritch Horror franchise with an innovative new spinoff, based in same popular universe.

FFG is proudly unveiling their newest game, ELDRITCH HELPER!

In this exciting new title from Corey Konieczka and Nikki Valens, players will break new ground and push the envelope of boardgaming as they assume the roles of early 20th-cenutury globe-trotting miasmatic theorists, all working for the Headquarters for Malady Regimentation.  With limited action points each turn, and a slowly approaching end-of-the-world scenario, players will need to use a combination of teamwork, luck, and their specialist's unique occupation endowments to prevent overcapacitizations of affliction hexahedrons in cities around the world.
"I don't really know where we got the idea," mused Konieczka.  "It's just one of those rare, almost once-in-a-lifetime jolts of inspiration. Our own 'eureka' moment.  It's funny, though. Looking back, it was the most obvious--and compelling--next step for the franchise.  I've designed dozens of successful games, and I honestly don't know how we didn't come up with Eldritch Helper sooner." 
"Building on the popularity of the venerable Arkham Horror series, and Mansions of Madness, and finally upon our own successful Eldritch Horror titles, we've been able to cultivate and explore this delightful mythos, so filled as it is, with unspeakable horrors so beyond comprehension that even briefly gazing upon them would tear one's mind asunder as the fabric of their reality crumbles away, but we thought, 'It's time to look beyond that. What's beyond the immeasurably ancient, thousand-foot tall, octopus-headed, malevolent cosmic entity rising from the roiling black depths of the Pacific Ocean to claim dominion over Earth? Well, eureka..! What's beyond?  Everyday, ordinary life!  Scientists, and contingency planners, and archivists, all going about their normal lives, completely untormented by extra-dimensional, unfathomable horrors.  Just like you and I.'  We are finally giving players what they've been clamoring for - a thrilling new way to connect with the Lovecraft universe. We're inviting them to step into the enigmatic and provocative imagination of H.P. Lovecraft, and for the first time, experience something that transcends comprehension. Transcends the extraordinary. Transcends the fabric of unreality! During, like, some kind of emergency with diseases."
Konieczka and Valens have already started work on a series of expansions for Eldritch Helper, beginning with Eldritch Helper: Beside the Precipice, which Valens says will feature powerful new theorist cards, like the isolation professional, Jim Culver, whose unique special ability can prevent affliction hexahedron placements, or the hospital corpsman, Charlie Kane, who may remove up to three affliction hexahedrons for a single action point when performing an ailment alleviation.  Also included will be stylish, upgraded components, including cell-culture containers to conveniently store affliction hexahedrons when not in use,

Eldritch Helper will begin shipping Q3 2016.

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