Thursday, April 7, 2016

High Noon in Punchtown

When I was on vacation last month, I had a day where my wife was working and I had nothing going on. The kids didn't want to do anything, so I called Mike and asked him to come over and play games. The first game out of the gate was Cowboys: The Way of the Gun. Cowboys is a pretty straightforward western shootout. You can play cards to help you, or hinder you opponent (such as making their gun misfire, or making them slip and fall over), or you can shoot people.  ...Or, you can run away, ya yellowbelly!

So, I had the game all set up, and Mike showed up early. I told him that we would be playing the first scenario from the book. There are many scenarios in the book, and they are all based on actual events that happened in the Old West. We each took a character, and we were ready to go.  Just before we started Mike asked, "...Can we punch each other?" I replied that I didn't know, and off to the rulebook I went.  Sure enough, it does say that there is a rule you can add to have a old-fashioned slugfest! So, what should have been a strategic shootout between Bill Hickock and Dave Tutt turned into two guys running up to each other and throwing haymakers for 2 minutes. I was getting my face punched in pretty good, so I decided to pull my gun and then Mike did as well, and killed me. In retrospect, it would have been better to have been knocked out than killed.

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