Friday, April 29, 2016

It's Always Fun to Guess When You Play Guess....WU?

Last year, I stumbled across an article about a homemade game variant. The original game is known to all.  It's Guess Who? the venerable game of guessing faces that everyone, I'm sure, either played as a kid, or played with their kids. This, however was a version I was not expecting to find. This version is called Guess Wu?

I can't even tell you exactly how it happened, but last year, I stumbled across a site called Noisey, and on this site was an article about how they created a custom game called Guess Wu?

The site hired a super-talented artist named Dan Evans to create the artwork for all the members of the WU-TANG CLAN. If you're not familiar with the band, they are a monumental rap band that has sold over 40 million albums. And they have a ton of members. So what they did was kept the same rules of Guess Who? and added the members of WU-TANG CLAN. Their final product can be seen here.

Now, I had never made a custom game before, but one thing was clear from the get-go:  I had a totally different version of Guess Who? -- a deluxe version -- where you slid different cards into it based on the type of game you wanted to play. I needed two sets of pictures that were different sizes than the ones on the website. I needed the originals!  So, I went right to the source, and contacted Dan via twitter (oh, how modern technology has changed the world...) and he responded much more quickly than I expected. He asked for my email and sent me the source files right away.

After some trial and error on the sizing over a weekend, I was able to make the game minus one WU because of the difference in the versions. This last picture is my version, and if you ever play me, chances are I'm Mathematics.

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