Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Review - Flapjacks and Sasquatches (2008) - Prolific Games

The Blurb

Flapjacks and Sasquatches is an easy, "take that" style card game in which you want to chop down the tree card in front of you. The card has both a "chop" value and a point value; using Axe cards, you roll dice to try to meet or exceed the "chop" value. When you do, you collect the tree (and the points). Flapjack cards can add to your roll, while blister cards can take away.

The Gist

Cut down trees, eat your lunch,
and go to the lavatory.

The Play

Tyler and I decided to play a best-of-three series, 21 points wins:

Game 1
We went back and forth chopping Red Oaks and Silver Maples, and in the end, I managed to edge Tyler out by a single tree!  Dad wins, 21-16.

Game 2
Tyler got the Mighty Oak, chopped it down, and ran away with it from there. Easy Tyler victory, 23-15.

Game 3
The Titanium Axe came out to play, and that was the deciding factor!  After some chopping and some back-and-forth stealing, I was able to secure the victory.  Dad triumphs, 21-16.


The Bits

"Pretty easy one this time, Paul Bunyan all the way!"
"This card is helpful when you have a hard tree to chop down."

The Good, The Bad, The Rating

I have heard this game called "Canadian Munchkin," and I would agree with that, to a point. It is not great with two people, because if you get an advantage, it's hard to catch up. I would imagine that if you have 4-8 players, it would be easier to stop someone that had a lot of good equipment and a Titanium Axe out. Light humor, light play.  2.5/5

I do not like the Titanium Axe, it is way too powerful and cannot be broken. Someone can get this card and win the game quickly.  I feel like it would be a better game if  this card was not included.
Overall, I like the game.  3/5

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