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Review - Pink Godzilla Dev Kit (2006) - Pink Godzilla Games

My son loves video games. He plays Minecraft the most, but he has played many, many other games (more games than my wife would be enthusiastic about, I'm sure). I came across this odd video game-themed boardgame in a auction listing on BGG and decided to check it out, After reading up on it a little, I decided to locate a copy for myself, and now I've decided to bump it up on the review list!

The Blurb

Quality or quantity? Racing to build parody video games such as 'Pinky Gear Solid' and 'Elder May Cry', you are a game developer competing for the components needed to create games in four genres: RPG, Fighting, Music and First Person Shooter games. Each video game has some basic components (title, character, gear) that are essential, but can also include optional components (extra characters, gear upgrades, easter eggs) that increase the video game's market value. The video game components (cards) also double as money for purchases and auctions, so you're constantly struggling to manage your hand and make trade-offs on what to acquire and what to give up in return.

The best video games get victory point bonuses but the game ends immediately as soon as any developer releases four video games to market. So you have to decide: do I wait to put in that snazzy Easter Egg and create the best video game or do I beat the competition by releasing more games to the market?

The Gist

Build your own video games in this parody-filled card game.

The Play

Both Tyler and I started just building games as fast as we could (to build a game you need a title, a character and 2 required gear cards), but as the game wore, on we got more technical about it, and tried to build larger games that would be worth more points. About halfway through the game, I went for a big move and bid on 3 cards in the middle row (Instead of buying a card, you have the option to put 1-3 cards up for auction). Ty did not bid on any of these, so I got them all. I figured I had it locked in, as I had 3 of the necesssary 4 games built, and I only needed one other card. Tyler blocked me from getting the last character card I needed, so I had to wait another round to finish my fourth and final game. Tyler's final game had enough items to be completed, and as per the rules, if another player ends the game with their 4th different game, if your game has the minimum pieces, you can still build it.  So we each had 4 games built. After tallying up all the bonuses and the built games themselves the final score was Dad 102 - Tyler 123.

The Bits


"Samba de Pixel is my favorite card. I was a huge fan of Samba de Amigo on my dreamcast. Dreamcast is probably my favorite system of all time, so this is more a sentimental pick."


"I like the pink godzilla card the best, because you can play it as a character for any video game."

The Good, the Bad and the Rating


"When you look at this game it just seems like it's a parody game with no substance. I do not believe that to be the case. The thing that sets it apart for me is that it has a super-interesting auction mechanic where you can try to get cards cheaper than paying for them via blind bidding against your opponents. To me, that what makes this game. It's not your standard push-your-luck, but there is definitely a push-your-luck element."


This theme is great! It's a card game about video games. I don't get all the references, but the ones I knew were funny, like the Legend of Zelda. Also, there is a good amount a strategy to decide how big to build a specific game.

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