Monday, May 23, 2016

Review - Don't Drop Mama! (1991) Parker Brothers

You could have asked me to make a list of the next 100 games I am willing to review, and I assure you that this game would have never made the cut. I found it at a rummage sale and Tyler requested that it be the next review.

The Blurb

A balancing game where the object is to see who can raise Mama Tortellini up the highest by placing the Tortellini Brothers underneath her, one by one , as she stands on tip-toe atop her balancing platform.

The Gist 


Tortellini Brothers, you have one job!

The Play

I decided we would do a best-of-seven. I went up quickly 3 games to 1, and felt like I had it in the bag when Tyler dropped Mama from an epic height. And that's when the Tortellini Brothers started to fail me. Tyler, super-focused, managed to pull off back-to-back victories and left us with sudden death! Okay, that may be overstating, it but we had one game left. When you play with only two people, each player has 6 pieces to put on. The stack was up to 7 brothers under Mama and it was Ty's turn. He he can easily stack up 9 or 10 brothers when he plays it by himself, however, on this the 8th piece, it all came crashing down!


 The Bits


"The die is the key to this game being fun. Sometimes you roll and you have to take an acrobat off, and sometimes you roll wild and can put on as many as you want."




"Mama. I mean, seriously! How could I pick anything else in this game?"

The Good, the Bad and the Rating


"I am not saying by any means this game is amazing, but it is fun. It's like a variation of jenga in a way. The mechanic of turning the dial to raise and lower mama is not a mechanic i have seen in any other game and i'm always a sucker for a odd mechanic. "


"Don't Drop Mama is a light and fun game. Almost close to almost being close to awesome."

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