Friday, June 3, 2016

Counterfiet Against Humanity

*The names have been left out to protect the innocent and the guilty (except for when it's super funny).

Recently in a math trade on BGG, I acquired Cards Against Humanity with almost every expansion (including the expansion for the TV show House of Cards) and the Bigger Blacker Box. I played it a few times, but I decided that I would put it on eBay and try to get some extra cash for my trip to the Origins game convention in June. 

A few days after I posted it, I received a cease letter from EBAY?  They said my copy was counterfeit, and if I wanted to dispute it, I should contact **** at Mainland IPR. I also emailed Cards Against Humanity. I then had a several email conversation with ****. **** said that he could tell that my bigger blacker box was counterfiet because, as he put it:

So it was at this point **** asked me where I got the game and I told him it was a math trade on BGG and I would contact the person who traded it to me and try to help them track down the counterfeiters. I felt like I was in some weird updated version of the Hardy Boys, except there is only one of me.  The person who traded it to me had no idea it was fake, but did give me the information where he purchased it which I immediately gave to ****. The site is called eCRATER which appears to be some odd version of ETSY minus the personal creativity or copyright laws. Seems like this scumbag has almost 500 sales. It was at this point that I sent this info to CAH as well. **** mailed me back and told me that this seller has been on the radar for some time. I understand that this happens everywhere with purses and all sorts of things, but it to get a taste of it first-hand in my hobby, I was angry about it and I told CAH that I hoped that they torch this guy when they finally find him. I may never find out if they catch this guy, but it's my story, so i will assume that they do, and I will leave you with the email i received back from an employee at CAH Holly Chernobyl:

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