Friday, July 29, 2016

Review - Bisikle (2009) - CEPIA Games

I have wanted this game for a long time, but I never pulled the trigger on it. Well, recently that changed, and I was finally able to acquire a copy in a trade!

Bisikle is a flicking game. The players have to compete on a crazy track in order to win a bicycle race. No cards or electrical devices are involved. The whole concept is in the Z-Ball, a marble with a unique internal mechanism. It is very easy to control. Basically, the goal of the game is to flick your way to the finish line as fast as possible. The challenge is to control the effects of the Z-Ball and pass as quickly as possible through all the obstacles (slopes, fences, jumps, mouse holes, etc.).
Bisikle is the first of many Z-Ball games and was published in 2009 (September) in France and the USA. A track has to be built and looks like the slot-race ones.

Flick the ball, win the race. I wanna ride my bisikle, bisikle.

Since this was our first play of this game, we decided to just set up a standard track. We opted for our standard best-of-3, 3 laps each race.

Race 1:

I lead the first two laps and Ty overtook me at the jump (yes, there is a jump in a cycling race game, you just have to get over it), and then lead all the way to the Mousehole tunnel. He hit the tunnel and I was able to make an insane shot from the second turn, all the way through the Mousehole (I wish I would have recorded this!) and made my way to victory!

Race 2:

Again, I lead the first two laps, and again Ty overtook me at the jump. This time, however he was able to get through the Mousehole and secure the victory. 

Race 3:

This race was tight from start to finish. We both made it to the final lap neck-and-neck, and we both made it though the Mousehole. My shot landed half a bike length from the finish. Tyler smirked as I put my bike on the track and he lined his ball up for the victory. All he had to do was flick the ball past my bike. He lined up his shot, and HIT MY BIKE, HE HIT MY BIKE!  The ball stopped 2 inches from the finish line.  YES!! I quickly lined my ball up, and flicked it across the finish line.

Dad wins in a nail-biter!

* Side note - after the play, Ty asked if he could do a custom track.  I said sure, and he made this one that would make the Duke Boys Proud.


"The Z-ball is crazy! It does not move like a regular ball. There is sand in it so sometimes depending on how you flick it moves it different ways."


"The Z-ball is great and it's great that you can customize the track."


"Wow, this game is amazing. I had no idea it was going to be this fun. You never feel like you're out of the game, and the customization of the track makes the replay value super-high."



"There is nothing like the z-ball in any other game. I love this mechanic. It's a fun game to play and I can't wait to get more track!"