Friday, August 12, 2016

The gaming view from Japan is amazing

I have always been a fan of Japan. When i use to be big into video games i would often try to find the weirdest or most unique games i could and buy the for my PSX and PS2. I had tons of games. King of crusher, Pepsi Man, Vacuum Cleaner Kids. Those are ones just off the top of my head. As i have played more and more board games i have wanted to try to find some odd games from japan and i stumbled across this site. Board Game Every Day list tons and tons of games from Japan. It has releases from all over and it's amazing. now grant it, i can't read it but i can translate it and find the games on Board Game Geek. So i would like to show you a couple i have found on the site. If you have some free time it's super interesting to look at all the things posted at this site.

Butterfly Effect

 I for the life of me can't find info on it but the cards look crazy. There is like an eye blacked out Mickey Mouse? whats that about?

The Terrifying Girl Disorder

The Terrifying Girl Disorder is a quirky and brain-burning set-collecting card game. The deck consists of seven different types of cards, with each type represented by a girl with numbers 1–7 and a special power. Players start with a hand of cards, and each round play any number of identical cards from hand, activate that girl's special power, then collect new cards, using a weird drafting mechanism.

Each player can play a certain numbered set only once per game. When the game ends, the player
who has played the most cards of a certain girl "becomes" that girl. Each different girl has a completely different way of scoring, so you need to adapt to the other player's play rapidly.(The title is an allusion to a novel set in a distant future in which girls around the world start manifesting supernatural powers, and they are more or less treated as threats to humanity.)

Seriously, how great is the title of this game.


Lastly i bring up this one because it's a remake by oink games. Oink publishes a lot of games that i like such as a fake artist goes to New York, MaskMen and welcome to the dungeon

Twins has a sixty-card deck, with cards coming in six suits numbered 1-10; some cards have white
numerals, while others have black numerals.
In a round, each player receives eight cards from the deck, then can buy more from the pool; each player starts with 12 money. Each round lasts four turns, and on each turn players simultaneously reveal a pair of cards from their hand. Cards with the same numeral and same numeral color ("twins") outrank cards of the same numeral but different numeral colors ("pairs"), which outrank two cards of the same suit ("colors"), which outrank anything else; sums of values act as a tiebreaker. On the first turn, some number of players with the lowest-ranked cards pay two money to the kitty in the middle of the table; on the second turn, some number of players with the highest ranks each take three money; on the third turn, some number of players with the lowest-ranked cards pay one money to the kitty and drop from the round; and on the fourth turn, the player with the highest-ranked cards takes the kitty. The number of players who pay or win money varies depending on the number of players. Rounds continue until someone runs out of money, then the player with the most money wins.

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