Tuesday, August 23, 2016

When you get the rules wrong - Random Encounter replay


we all have messed the rules up on a game. Admit it. I am guilty of this and was informed by IDW Games on the review of random encounter that i played it far too random and you are suppose to assign the armies to each of the 5 piles rather than just blindly assign them (I took the random far too literally).


Once again, Best of 3.

Round 1:

Tyler in a whitewash 4-1. We each defended our loot. He goes up 4-1 and needs two more to win.

Round 2:

Troll king wins a loot battle for me! and Tyler responds with a book wizard switch but i counter with a book wizard of my own. 3-2. Were tied at 2 battle wins a piece and in the final battle Ty wins 14-10 and leads 5-2. I'm in trouble.

Round 3:

Troll king again takes a loot point! I'm down 4-3. Book wizard saves me on my loot and I WIN my first overall battle and i'm up 5-4!

Round 4:

We each guard our loot but from that point tyler runs the table and wins the battles 4-1 and defeats me 6-5. I know you were thinking it would be more dramatic but no, not today my friends.


"This game is far better now that i actually played it the proper way. I would be curious to try the game with 3 or 4 and see how different it makes it, but it's quick and solid with some bluffing and decision making. It's a keeper. I look forward to the other factions coming out."



"Love this game. It way more fun to try and guess what cards other people will put down."


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