Friday, September 23, 2016

Kickstarter Review - Originz - Flavor Faction Studio

I like comic books.When i was a teenager i actually worked at one. have you ever thought "what if this type of hero fought this type hero?"  Originz gives you the chance to find out.

*A review copy of the game was provided.

Become a Superpowered Hero or Villain; team up with friends and battle in this complete, multi-format card game for 2-8 players. Originz features a unique 'deck is your life' mechanic and a consistent energy resource. Play with one of 12 pre-constructed decks out of the box, or customize your own deck.264 cards, 12 dividers and one 1 rulebook included. No tokens or trackers required!

 "A rift in the space-time continuum has altered the very fabric of reality...

Magic is real.  Mutations are common.  Aliens have invaded. Governments have dissolved - their military forces have scattered. Nobody is safe. The world has been changed forever, but your origin story has just begun. You’ve survived the apocalypse and emerged with incredible superpowers.
Many see you as their last hope – a savior….a hero. Others fear you - branding you as a villain who seeks only power and glory.It is time to show them who you really are…it is time to take a stand.
There is nothing left to do, but fight!"

Save the world....or be a megalomaniac and RULE THE WORLD MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

First we decided on who we would be. Ty chose Super Speed and i chose cyborg upgrade. He decides that he is going to be a hero, not for heroes sake mind you but rather for the special ability. After a couple of  quick attacks he was winning but not by much. I coumtered and made the game close to even and that's when he floored me. He did fist flurry for 10 cards worth of damage. I was setting up for something big and countered with 8 of my own. He gained some health back and so did i and his deck had 3 cards left. I had myself set up to win in the next turn...but alas it did not make it to that turn as he played Fast Jabs x2, a roundhouse and a sonic boom and KO'd me.

It was at this point i said "one more game?" my thought was i could beat him next game and then we could have a super showdown. he played hero dragon mutation and i played Villian vigilante justice. My friends i will not be recapping this game because it was bad...for me. You know when a co-worker leaves food out over the weekned and then monday you come in the break room and see it out and you look at it or smell it. That face you make is the face you would have made watching this second game. So were moving on....



"This is the card that put an end to me. It's devastating."



"I love this card for it's healing effect which gains me back 4 cards."


"This game has a ton of things going for it. In a market full of superhero games, this one felt different. I love the mechanic of your health being the number of cards you have left. It also has tremendous reputability because you can customize any deck between the characters. Maybe i should have made a cyborg vigilante."  


"I love the comic book theme, and there are so many different abilities to choose from for a custom deck. What i really liked was the ability to play as a hero or a villain. I have never seen that in a game before."


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