Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Review - Shootin' Ladders: Frag Fest (2009) - Smirk & Dagger Games

It does not happen very often but every once in a while when i set up a game for me and Tyler to play my 13 year old daughter will say "I want to play that." It just so happens that this game about first person shooting gingerbread men was the game that caught her eye.

Another 'Good Game Gone Bad' from Smirk and Dagger Games. This builds upon the same type of cookie carnage in "Run for your Life, Candyman!" but is totally amped up in a whole NEW game that parodies Chutes and ladders with delicious mayhem.

From the box:
The gingerbread men have left the confines of their sugar-frosted land and let their rage spill over into yet another family favorite board game, where total carnage has its ‘ups and downs’. The board’s original slides and ladders once helped teach kids about morality. But in "SHOOTIN’ LADDERS: Frag Fest", you’ll more likely learn a lesson in ‘mortality’ and that everyone gets their just desserts.
So sling your M&M16, load your Dessert Eagle and get ready to blast the other cookies to bits as you climb and slide your way to victory!

There are 7 different modes of play, we just decided to play classic "last cookie standing" with the generic setup where we all get the same weapon. It was Mr. Crumbles (Ty), Vs. Lefty (Me) Vs. Taunty (Joan).  In the game we played you had to get 6 hits on each body part. Right at the beginning Ty drew the Bigg Redd card which does an insane 12 dice roll damage and used it on his sister (each side of the die represents candy which in turn represents parts of the gingerbread mans body). They started attacking each other and i was attacking here and there but generally staying out of it. I figured they would knock each other down to nothing and then i would just sweep up.

They each had about 15 of there 36 health left when Tyler said "Wait Joan, no one is attacking dad,
look how much health he has!" And so started my demise where every round i got attacked twice with a varied array of weapons. I had about 6 health left and i drew the card "Blow yer'self to KINGDOM CRUMBS!" and i got in range and played since there was no way i was going to win. I damaged them both and i went to the great keebler house in the sky. The two kids went back and forth picking up ammo and weapons but it was all over when Joan got the Thompson Sub-machine Gum and was able to hit him multiple times in one turn. Taunty (Joan) wins!


"Blow yourself to kingdom crumbs for sure. It was a perfect way to go out in that game."


"Bigg Redd Does O.P. damage!"


"Taunty looks like the Joker, That's awesome"

"Honestly i thought this game would be a one trick pony where once you got past the joke it was not all that fun, and that was not the case at all. We had a lot of fun with this game. There is an element of luck at the end when you are trying to shoot your opponents last pieces, but that just added to the fever of my kids trying to beat each other at this game."

"I thought it was very funny game because they changed shoots and ladder into a FPS."

"I like that it was shoots and ladder with an evil twist. I like the designs of the characters. Lefty was cleverly named. I also like that the guns had different special abilities."

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