Friday, September 30, 2016

The Diary of Chad Thriftington III

This is the followup story to the thrift find of Jati in Alaska. On BGG I am a guild member of  The Ancient and Loyal Order of Thrifters. We talk about each others thrift finds and we all celebrate thrifting. Well someone posted something very odd in the comments section of the original post....

Excerpt from the Diary of Chad Thriftington III

Aug 26, 1978

Paco stood there, the dingo's paw dangling from his blood smeared mouth.

"Thanks, Paco. I'm sure I could have handled this but I appreciate your help." I winced as I stood up, and that's when I noticed my torn pant leg and blood seeping into my sock.

Paco spit out the paw and chortled, "Suuuuure, you could have handled those seventeen mind controlled killer dingoes by yourself, but could you have handled THIS!?!?!" He reached down and shoved his hand inside a dingo carcass and pulled out a hand grenade.

"Hmmmm," I mused. "Grenade filled killer dingoes. Whose Modus Operandi does that sound like?" I walked across the room, picking my way through the strewn canine guts, until I got to the statue of the goddess Ja-ti. "I never thought this statue was worth that much. Sure, killing me is on the top of a lot of people's lists.."

"Mostly women," chuckled Paco.

"Yes, mostly women, mostly mothers, actually. But who would want this statue that badly?" I reached out and touched the statue, noticing its graceful curves, its rough ancient carving, its warmth.....warmth?

That's when the statue suddenly came to life, lunging at me, clawing at my throat. A shot rang out and....

End of Excerpt from the Diary of Chad Thriftington III

Well i have to be honest, i thought this was odd. But i thought it was super interesting so i decided to play along and posted the following...

so now when i send traded requests to people and they agree they send games to Chad Thriftington IV. On a whim i decided to google chad thriftington III and low and behold, it was actually a thing, there's a blog/geeklist about his travels! I was amazed! As to not offend the original author i asked permission to continue my ruse as CTIV  He said he was honored and I am as well.

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