Friday, September 9, 2016

You can't hide from me forever Master Win Chiu Woo

I love heroscape. I have loved heroscape since i first found out about it. The fact that you have dragons and robots and samurai and... well you name it and it's in this game. You want to just have an old west shootout. you can do that. Do you want to see how revolutionary soldiers would do against Shaolin monks, you can do that. They pretty much have everything vs everything (not to be confused with everything vs. everything). Recently i started picking up pieces again and there are some pretty elusive figures. For me there are is have tried and fail to get either because of price or availability. 2007 Master Win Chiu Woo

Master Win Chiu Woo was a promotional figure distributed free of charge at the 2007 Comic-Con,
for use in HeroScape series of games. The figure sculpt is identical to one of the Shaolin Monks, though repainted in the yellow and gray of the sixth general, Aquilla. A unique hero, Master Woo improves the attack, defense, and mobility of Shaolin Monk squads.

Curse you and you unavailability.  However a few things became clear to me. the first is that he is just a repaint of one of the monks. and two, i can't paint to save my life. This is when i started talking to a gentlemen and miniatures painter named Charles Carper. Charles had recently become unemployed and was looking for part time painting work between jobs. I went on his Facebook and his work is exceptional.

I contacted him and we talked heroscape for a bit and we talked about the master win figure and it's rarity and he told me he would do a professional job on it. It was at this point he informed me that he could repaint it exactly like they original heroscape figures were painted, and i was all about that. I sent him the figure (along with a couple other heroscape ones) and he hit it out of the park. If you are looking to get some minis painted i can't recommend him enough. And now I will be able to use my monks lead by Master Win. and subsequently not win versus Tyler.

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