Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kickstarter Review - Apocalypse Frenzy

Sooooo.. do you like hidden agenda games? how about an agenda to save or DESTROY THE WORLD...WORLD.....WORLD....

*A review copy of the game was provided.

 In Apocalypse Frenzy (2-4 players, 30-60 min.), aliens have come to destroy the world in a humorous way! Let cats take over the Earth for example, or cover the planet with lava. Players have a secret alignment card that determines whether they want to destroy the world or protect the world from destroyers. Complete missions and play cards to earn points, but beware: both the missions and the card values depend on your alignment. Each player plays one of four unique characters, each with their own special abilities and even their own cards. If you don't have the cards you need, you can trade, but remember: lying about the cards you want to trade is allowed...

Tyler wanted to be the Catnian which made me the Cyclopse in this two player battle. Tyler was able to build up some house cats after a few turns and then he stopped getting them, which made me pretty happy considering i thought he was going to go on some kind of run with them. I was pretty confident that he was a protector because he kept drawing cards from the same deck. I was a destoyer (not to be confused with destoroyah) and i had to hurry to get the cards i needed. Ty was laying cards down but no frequent and with no urgency still so i took advantage of this and raced towards my goal. Tyler was able to play harry the first catnian to acieve his side mission but i was not going to matter because i was only two cards away from destroying! and then as with this blog many many times before, it happened. Ty smiled at me and said "did you see this card i played? it lets me take another turn if i play a housecat this round." And so he played a housecat, and took another turn...and did it again......wait...why is he not drawing from that 3rd deck anymore?? NOOOO he sandbagged me! as i looked at the table on his 3rd turn it was too late to see it, he was only 3 cards away from his destoryer mission, yes destoryer mission....and as he layed down the last card to secure the victory i knew how the devil felt after johnny got done playing his fiddle. 87-34 final. and....


"I love the role cards. I know this seems like a simple card and an odd pick but in most games i see these days when your picking hidden roles it's to stop group missions or group goals. This is hidden to try to outwit, which i like a lot."


 "The cats chasing a giant cat shaped laser is pretty great."

"The game with two players is really good. I feel it is probably best with 3. the addition of the hidden roles in the game is what i like the best by far. I wish there was more than one side mission on the card but i really like that little addition as well."

"I really like the win condition of the protector to run out the deck. I have never seen that before in a game. The cartoon style of the art on the cards is great and i like the end of the world theme. don't tell mom i said that."


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