Friday, October 28, 2016

Review: Kill Doctor Lucky Cheapass 19.5th Anniversary edition (2016)

 I'll tell yeah. people really want to kill Dr. Lucky. They want to kill him in a mansion, in Craigdarroch castle, in a secret lair, On a boat (I'm on a boat (I'm on a boat), I'm on a boat (I'm on a boat), Everybody look at me cause I'm sailin on a boat (sailin on a boat))......We decided to play "The family board game of cold blooded murder" 19.5 Deluxe Edition

* A review copy of the game was provided

In this notorious game, an inversion of Clue, you hate Doctor Lucky. Maybe he left you out of his will. Maybe he killed your pet rock. Whatever the reason, you want him dead. Unfortunately, so do the other players. Since you don't want to go to jail, you need to make your attempt in secret; if anybody can see you, whistle nonchalantly, and let the Doctor live ... until next time. Players move around the mansion, collecting murder weapons (to make the murder attempt stronger - doubly so if the weapon is used in an appropriate location); failure cards (to thwart opponents' plans); and movement cards (to try to get together with Doctor Lucky in a secluded location for his inevitable demise.) Players try to convince others to use up their failure cards first, the better for when their own attempts come.

 Joan (My 13 year old daughter) decided to join me and Tyler this time at the table. We chose our characters and set up. We will be playing both KDL and Escape From Lucky Mansion! I was banker Proximo Domingo (The banker Dr. Lucky owes quite a bit of money), Ty was Skeeter Hopkins (The hunter who is tired of Dr. Lucky's liberal politics) and Joan was Meymun Smelt (A misfit who distrusts men that look like his father, which is bad for the good doctor). I wanted to play with the smaller board, but the kids were having none of that.

Tyler is on the attack and tries to kill the doctor every chance he gets. He gets in 3 attempts before me or Joan get our first. Joan out of nowhere says "die,die,die" and lays down 10 points of attack. but me and Ty team up to stop her. Joan says "I had a thing! and i was going to do a thing, but i can't do a thing." Ummmmm ok then.....moving on......

At this point Tyler has tried to kill him 6 times, I have tried twice and Joan just the once. Tyler gets excited as he trap Dr. Lucky in the BLIZZARD ROOM! wait?? what?? oh his bad THE BILLIARD ROOM! But me and Joan foil his plan. We do not have a lot of cards so i go for it and make a play for the library with rat poison. As i raise my hands in victory  Joan plays all of he cards to stop me. A few turns later Ty kills Dr. Lucky in the white room (with black curtains).


Ghost Dr. Lucky was mad, and trying to get even. Tyler was the first to go, in the Tennessee room. Tyler was not happy about the fact i sent Ghost Lucky after him and cheered Joan on. It was at thus point Joan burst in to what i can only describe as a musical version of the game where the good doctor is singing about revenge and killing us....and he finally gets me in the dining hall and Meymun gets out of the mansion...... 

BUT WAIT!!!!!!

It was at this point that Joan made an amazing discovery, an easter egg hidden in the game. DR LUCKY DID NOT DIE! Joan noticed that despite his gruesome appearance his ankles colored? IT'S A RUSE! HE WAS ALIVE THE WHOLE TIME!

 " This is the first game that i can remember playing that had such a wide variety of playable characters and that every piece had a male and female side. I think that's great and makes they game more interesting as every character has a separate backstory. The failure cards are great and sometimes get lost in the game play as you are just trying to stop the other player. Take the time to read them and pick your favorite and read it aloud as the card that stops the attack."
Kill Doctor Lucky - 4/5
Escape From Lucky Mansion - 4/5

 "The game is more strategic than i thought it would be. The reason people want to kill him are funny to put on the cards. Some of the weapons are funny (hard candy). My character reminded me of Edgar Allen Poe's The telltale heart because Meymun dislikes Lucky because he looks like his father."

Kill Doctor Lucky - 5/5
Escape From Lucky Mansion - 5/5

 "I like that all the rooms are themed and they have weapons that are a higher value if you are in the right room to use it. The weapons are ridiculous."

 Kill Doctor Lucky - 5/5
Escape From Lucky Mansion - 4/5

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