Friday, November 11, 2016

Flick 'em Up Q&A with Gaetan Beaujannot

We love Flick 'em up at our house. It has the toy factor to it and we love dexterity games.I contacted Gaetan Beaujannot to talk about the process of making the game.

Me and my son recently had a chance to play Flick 'em up and we love it. How long did it take you to develop the game?

Jean Yves begun to work alone on it during 18 months. And we work 18 months again together on it.

Were there any mechanics that changed during playtesting?

We simplifyed a lot the game mecanism and the scenario in order to have less rules, shorter scenario and the maximum of pleasure in the manipulation of the materials. The goal was to play stories and not to have only a dexterity game.  

Justice Vs Vengeance is my favorite scenario. Were there other scenarios that did not make the game?

We had 10-15 others scenarios at the begininng, but we have rejected all the scenario with game mecanics not only based on dexterity. We had some scenarios with "One night werewolf" mecanism. But it was too specific and too far from the basics of the game. We decided to come back to the roots of the game : story telling with dexterity mechanism. The public target is the family, it's important to have the less types of game mecanism possible in the game.  
Do you ever think we will see a kickstarter for the Giant sized edition like Steve Jackson games did with OGRE?

It's not the Pretzel's choice but I think it will be possible to a Giant edition on the market without a KS ;) 
Don't threaten me with a good time!
I have not played the new plastic version. What do you feel are the pros and cons if any about the new set?

I was a wonderful discoveries when we saw it for the first time. The sensation are very very very closed to the wood version. I prefer the wood version because I love this material. But really, Pretzel have done a really good job with the plastic version. It's such an awesome idea : it is very helpfull to see the maximum of gamers to play at FEU. The Wood version price can be too higher for familly, and the plastic version is a good idea for them : it's not a low version (because a low price), it's exactly the same game. Well Done Pretzel !  
Finally, what is a game that you love that we may have not heard of?

Not heard of  ???  I'm not sure that I have this kind of game. 
My 3 favorites games are : Leader 1, Attika and Taluva

Recently, I play a lot at Insider (from Oink Games) and Treelogik (a game which win the Game designer contest of CNJ, this year). And I have to play Flamme Rouge (Lautepelit)


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