Sunday, November 13, 2016

Kickstarter Review - Hunting Sasquatch (2017) & Our New First Player Rule aka Angry Dice

In the mail the other day i received a game that is currently on kickstarter. The tag line is "Press your luck, roll the dice, and compete against other hunters seeking to capture the legendary Sasquatch. Do you believe?" and the truth is....

The Wild Animal Channel has put up a bounty of one million dollars for the person or person who can bring in a live Sasquatch. So gather your gear and your friends and journey across North American and Canada in your Hunt for Sasquatch. But be wary as you will have to face off against other mystical beast such as the El Chupacabraa, The Wampus Cat, The Van Meter Bat Monster and many more!

Each turn you will take on the role of a hunter or group of hunters and take on one of the location cards on the table. You will roll the provided dice and attempt to match your rolls to the symbols listed on the cards victory conditions. But be careful because in these dangerous locations you always apply your dice to the Death Conditions first and if you fill them you are defeated. If you fill neither then you can push your luck and roll the Fate dice to see if you can push on or not! It is a dice rolling game where you push your luck as much or little as you want but only the truly daring can hope to claim victory!
It was at this game we decided to try a "House Rule" for who goes first. I finally was able to track
down a set of Angry Dice (not with the expansion but just the base game). really quick...

Angry Dice is a real-time dice rolling microgame. The object is to be the first to six by rolling your dice in ascending order pairs. Players each have two dice they can roll and they can lock a die (except a 6), if it rolls to something they will need. Each Angry Dice set adds different risks/rewards to the game - the base set of Angry Dice requires the player to start at the beginning if they ever roll double Angry Faces (the 3).
This game is generally fast, but not today my friends. Me and Tyler had to restart back to one, not a couple of times, but 9! count them 9 times. We busted on 2,4 and the rest of them were on 6. Ty pulled a come from behind win all the way from 1 while i was on 6.

Ok.....back to Sasquatch...

Tyler had the F.B.I. agents, and they died on the first turn. They never had a chance. Despite not being born on the bayou, i was able to complete the card for 4VP. Ty completed camp crystal lake and we started going back and forth completing and failing objectives. And then the body count got higher. Tyler's hippies went down next, followed by my ninjas. The my magicians dies in Portland without even getting to roll the dice (Presto!). The area 51 scientists manged to claim
Portland as their own. More death and we only have one more group that can die. But it was at this moment there was a ray of hope! Tyler draw the youth scouts, and he is a scout, this is perfect. And he goes to Yellowstone with theme, how thematic.....and they die. I'm not saying this picture on the right is what the scouts looked like in their last minutes in Yellowstone, or actually i kinda am suggesting that, never mind.

After totaling VP I manage to edge him out 17vp - 13vp

 "I really like the character cards, my favorite were the mounties. I felt thematically they were my favorite." 

"I think Graceland is funny. I funny to see Sasquatch in all the locations."

"Characters die, and they die pretty fast. Don't get too attached to any specific ability. The game can be challenging at time to try to overcome your traps. When i was too far behind i just sacrificed my character. You can choose not to roll many dice but you have to find the balance of risk vs. reward. I nice twist on a solid dice mechanic."

"I like the various decision you have to make when it comes to the dice. How many dice to roll? If you want to push your luck, which i mostly do, or take a penalty. And the artwork is very funny."


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