Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Review - Petting Zoo (2016) - Self Published

Do you like animals? cute little animals? have you ever wanted to build your own petting zoo? Well come and walk through the park you have created in Petting Zoo.

Petting Zoo is a card drafting grid building game. Each of the 2 to 3 players start out with just an entrance card. As the game progresses square cards are drafted and are used to build your grid/Petting Zoo. The more attractions you buy the more coins your Petting Zoo will produce each turn. The roll of the die will determine which cards get activated in your Petting Zoo. The first player to buy all four victory cards is the winner.

Tyler right off the bat commented that the coins were shiny (#firefly). Tyler was denied access to his park numerous times at the start, which made me laugh. Imagine owning a park and not being allowed access! the horror! He kept asking me to not buy llamas because he wanted to use them for what he refereed to as "llama teleport". Another thing that was yelled in this game that would never be said in real life include "You already bought a dolphin!". We were tied at 3 victory points each in the race to 4 I was in a spot where i needed to roll a 6 to win and Ty yelled "Don't roll a 6!" but it was no use as the animal gods shown down on me and secured the victory.

"This game reminded me of machi koro. The element it has that i like is the walking around the zoo mechanic. You had to decide on if you wanted to gamble big and hope to roll high numbers or take safer cards for your paths. I enjoyed this a lot."


"I like the teleporting llama. And the garden card is cool because it gives you another way into the park. It had the feel of machi koro but your actually walking around the park which i thought was cool".

*At the time of this post it is on sale at amazon for a great price! $9.95

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