Friday, November 18, 2016

Winning The Game You Always Lose.

All of us have been there. There is a game we love, but for some reason we never, ever win. That game for me is 1st & Goal By R&R Games. Being from Western New York, I have a predisposed affinity to football. I don't know how this game does it, but it actually feels like a game of football.

 All the drama, the ebb and flow, ups and downs. It's all right there in that box that takes less than five minutes to set up. Last Saturday I played against my best friend Mike. It was the Knoxville Knights Vs The Milwaukee Monsters.

I went up 14-0 really quick, and I was feeling pretty good about my chances... and then I fumbled...And then Mike scored a touchdown in 2 plays.....and then I fumbled.....and Mike scored another touchdown....and then Mike scored a touchdown again. I managed a field goal and at the half it was 21-17.


I got the ball in the second half....and I fumbled!! Come on!! And Mike scored a touchdown and then we traded touchdowns. I went for an onside kick and did not get it. I told him that he was going to kick a field goal and I was going to score twice and then go for two points and win the game. Mike kicked a field goal. I was down 38-24. Once the offensive deck runs out that is the end of the half or the game. I had very few cards left, but I was able to get down the field and score a touchdown. I had 4 cards left. 38-31

I went for an onside kick, which require you to roll a T on one of the turnover dice (1 out of 6 chance) and get at least 10 yards....AND I DID. after a couple plays, I had 2 cards left and it was obvious that the only way I could score was a Hail Mary. The Bomb. The last ditch effort to score. There are 2 white dice and you need to roll them to say HAIL MARY. it's a 1 in 36 roll....

AND I GOT IT!! 38-37.

I was far too chicken to go for 2 so it went into overtime. And in overtime i march down to Mike's 20....and fumbled again!! Does my running back have butter on his hands?

Mike had an amazing bomb play for 40 yards negated and went 3 plays and punted. After a few plays I went for the bomb..all or nothing...AND TOUCHDOWN!! I won 44-38!

I was mentally spent. It was exhausting to and thrilling to win. So don't give up on a game you love.

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