Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Time Mike Made Me Watch

If you look to the right for contributors, you will see the name Mike Cascio. He is my board gaming brother from another mother. He is the reason for my board game obsession. After many years of trying to get me into the hobby, Dr. Gamenstein created the monster you see before you.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Review - King's Gold (2014) - Blue Orange Games

The Blurb

The Caribbean Islands were once a lawless cove run by merchant marines transporting stolen treasures. When news reached the King that these pirates were amassing great riches, he ordered a cut of their loot.
Now in King's Gold, it's your turn to be a pirate, and you must try to pillage ships and other pirates along the way. How far will you go to deceive the greedy King and become the richest pirate on the coast and at sea? On a turn, the active player rolls the five dice up to three times. If a die shows crossbones, it's locked until the end of the turn; otherwise, a player can roll or leave dice as he wants.
When all sixty coins in the box have been removed, the game ends and whoever has the most coins wins.