Monday, February 27, 2017

2/27/17 - Interview with Mandi Hutchinson aka boardgamerpinup

In the instagramverse (yeah i just made that up) I made friends with Mandi Hutchinson. She was always generous with her time when i started my blog. You may know her from To Die For Games on youtube, but did you also know she's a makeup artist? Once again she was generous with her time, but this time the topic was her.

 How long have you been a gamer?

I have been a gamer since I was a child.  My mother stressed the importance of doing things as a family and playing board games and occasionally video games (duck hunt with my mother was fantastic lol) was a great way to do that. 

What was the first game you remember playing?

I played a lot the classic games as a child (i.e., chess, checkers etc.…), but the first game that I remember playing was Snakes and Ladders so that I could learn how to count.

When did you come up with the name Board Game Pinup Girl?

It happened the moment we decided to start doing video reviews. I love Pinup Fashion and I love board games! I often wonder if I should have made it shorter, but I think people are used to it now.

How long have you been reviewing games?

I have only been reviewing games for a short period of time.  It’s been one year to date! I have had to overcome a steep learning curve as I am not a technical minded person and editing was completely new to me, but I think that I am doing fairly well.

How often does your love of fashion intersect with board gaming?

It shows up in a variety of ways, such as through custom made sparkly meeple earrings.  I like to add just a sprinkle of flashy fashion.  I have definitely “toned down” my choice of attire when doing reviews attending events.  Pinup fashion is not really seen as family friendly, so I have to be mindful of how I present myself.  That may come across as changing who I am, but it really isn’t. My ever changing hair colour is a more worthy topic of discussion.

I have to ask about the hair. You change your hair color so much. IS
It just a whim or is it an extension of how your feeling?

My hair is always a fun topic of discussion. I occasionally change the colour depending on my mood but it is mostly because I get bored easily.  I had normal hair for a while, but everyone begged me to change the colour back to something more “me”!  I am officially synonymous with outlandish hair colours.

What is a trend you see on the rise in gaming?

There are actually a couple of trends that I notice in gaming.  The first being legacy type games.  When it first started, the games were meant to be disposed of at the end of its cycle.  Now, there are games on the horizon that are looking to use the legacy type concept; however, players can play through the game’s cycle and then replay it again, but as an entirely new game.  Additionally, I also see a lot more electronics being used in games.  I know a lot of people are against this notion, but I think it can work if it doesn’t become a overwhelm the game play.

Finally, what is a game that you love that we may have not heard of?

That is a tough question!  I don’t think I have played any games that you may not have heard of.  The game that holds the fondest memories for me is Catch Phrase.  My mom loves that game and one of my brothers is absolutely awful at it, which brings me endless hours of entertainment.  ;)

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