Monday, March 20, 2017

3-20-17 - World Monuments (2016) Queen Games - Review

If you tell me that you have a game made by Queen Games you want me to play, i'm in. The components are always great quality so i am always willing to give their games a shot. Recently during an amazon sale i was able to grab a copy and check it out with Tyler.

Dive into the world of master builders and construct monumental buildings of historic significance. In each game of World Monuments, you and your fellow players choose one of four buildings and start constructing it from the ground up: The Capitol in Washington, the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, the basilica San Pietro in Rome, or the Taj Mahal mausoleum in Agra. Only the most talented master builder among the players gains many points and has a chance of winning the game, after the building is completed.

I let Ty pick which monument he wanted to build and he chose the capital building. We began
choosing cubes (the mechanic,as shown, is to move around the board and pick the pieces you wish to build within the current round. This is determined by having a certain number of movements to spend and you have to wind up back on the outside circle).  We were slowly building the monument up, but neither one of us wanted to build to the next level to trigger better scoring and the game moved slowly because of our unwillingness to cooperate.

The rounds seemed pretty even through the entire game and it never really seemed like on player was that much farther ahead of the other. In the end Tyler built more but i had more bonus scoring cubes and was able to edge him out 53-49.

 Board Game Geek Rating: 6.5


"I understand this game is a family game, but i just felt it was missing something. Maybe because we should have played 3-4 players, but it just did not click for me. I love the concept and components but i just could not get into it. We have to try it again with more people."

"The blue cubes should not be a thing. You should not be gaining bonus points from pieces that you keep. You could have easily just added a blue piece to all the monuments. I do like the mechanic of how you acquire the pieces and how you build."

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