Monday, March 13, 2017

3/13/17 - eBay Electronic Talking Auction Game (2001) - Review

Me and my oldest daughter use to play this game a long time ago (she is in her 20's now so you can debate if she is still a kid) and we enjoyed it. The 3 of us decided to break this out and see if it still holds up.

Players use cards to bid on various items that might come up for sale on eBay. An electronic gizmo determines turn order and decides when a particular auction is over. Players only have a few seconds to place a bid when their color is called by the gizmo or a buzzer will sound and bidding moves to another player. Items up for bid are shown with an estimated value. The real value of the item can be higher or lower and known only when a player actually wins the bidding on that item. Players can double-score items if they can get a collection of three or more items of the same color/category

We dusted off the old game (batteries still work) and me, Joan and Ty started playing. We were grabbing different items and the bidding was fast and furious with people trying to outbid each other in the last minute. Joan refused to bid on "Scarey Puppet", but was all in on what she called "Proxy The Clown" as if this was his real name. I found it odd that they had a designated name for the clown, but whatever, the game went on and it seemed pretty even. And then we total up the scores:

Dad - $3850
Joan - $2850
Tyler - $7750?????

Wait what??? he has almost $8000???? Well what i found out is that every time my millennial daughter comes over they almost always play ebay. And that is why the clown is names proxy, but it is also why Tyler, being the gamer that he is, already had a full strategy in place for domination. And he did.

Board Game Geek Rating: 6.0

"If you go on Ebay at all, and who does not, this is the closest thing to an ebay simulator. You get to live the anger of getting out bid, or the last minute victory. You also get to experience buyers remorse when you pay too much for something. Still fun after all these years."

"It's fun but not great."

"Yeah, I agree with Joan, I like it enough to play it but not amazing." 

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