Monday, March 6, 2017

3/6/17 Review - King Me! aka King Up! (2004)

Every year on board game geek i participate in the thrifty Santa exchange. A lot of thrifters get together and have a secret Santa exchange of board games. Every year, without fail, one game surprises me from this batch, this year it was KING ME!

With the announcement of the King's retirement, the pirouette for succession begins! All of his subjects from cobbler to cook, painter to paladin, debutante to duchess bustle about the castle in preparation for the succession. One of your favorites can attain the throne. But, beware! It will require clever maneuvering and selective positioning to be in the right place at the right time to achieve the crown!

 Long live the king! A bluff and deduction game for 3-6 players, age 8 and up. The enlightened monarch Vladimir Miritiro, tired of reigning, has decided to choose his successor among his subjects. The players are helping him in this decision by advising their favorites and trying to crown one of them as the new king.

This game requires at least 3 so Joan (14) was kind enough to join us. Joan from the outset said "I want Merlano to win". I explained that's kinda not how it goes.

Round 1:
 In what i can only describe as a crazy set of events and card play, every single person was eliminated. No one was king.

Round 2:

There was so no votes thrown around and the field widdle down to about half. My kids were very focused on making the initials of the people spell words or abbreviations. Ernesto was king this round. Joan had a slight lead going into round 3.

Round 3:

This round lasted exactly one round because me and Tyler held our no votes thinking the other would play theirs causing MERLANO to be final king!

Final Score:


"IGN Rated 10 outta 10"
(she watches too much youtube)


"I like it a lot, but i think there should be 5 rounds not 3."


"One of my favorite games to play with the family is too many cinderellas, this game replaces that game for me hands down. I love the movement of pieces. The deception of why your moving that piece, all of it."

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