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4-9-2017 - Champions of the Galaxy (1986) - Review

 When i was a teenager i was obsessed with wrestling. I use to get all the magazines and watch anything that was on TV. In the back of those magazine was an add to buy a game called "Champions of the Galaxy." A rpgish futuristic take on wrestling. Well over 20 years later this game is still alive and kicking so me and Ty gave it a try for old times sake.

Champions of the Galaxy is a science-fiction based wrestling collectible card game set 100 years in the future. Humans fight alongside aliens, robots and giant lizard men and wage wars for titles, inter-planetary bragging rights and galactic supremacy. Filsinger Games created the game in 1986 and has continued to release new game expansions every year since, introducing new characters and advancing exciting storylines. The game has a loyal fan base of players, affectionately known as "promoters", who play out these stories in their own federations and gather annually at the weekend convention GalactiCon in Jamestown, NY. Champions of the Galaxy is a card and dice game that features playing cards for 24 galactic wrestling legends! The playing cards have a drawing of the wrestler on the front and game information on the back. Champions of the Galaxy features a fast-action game system that allows matches to take place in real time. You can play alone or with friends.

(For the sake of the action i have decided to take on an alternate wrestling announcer persona to describe the play by play). Ladies and gentlemen may i present...

 Hello fans! my name is Skip Tracer and I'll be calling all the play by play for the match tonight..
It pits 2 bitter rivals versus each other. Comrade Terror (Tyler) from the planet Cygnus Vs. Commander Sam (Dad) from the United States on Earth. Both combatants are in the ring....and there's the bell! There are in a lockup for quite a while...(rolled the sames numbers 3 times to see who had offense first) and Terror goes for a karate chop, but Sam blocks it. Sam now in control....He levels Terror with a skullcrusher! and a cobra clutch suplex! terror is dazed...Oh no, Sam is looking to end this match early....he goes for the death jump off the top rope! NO! Terror grabs him and throws him hard down to the mat! Sam looks hurt....he is slow to get up...Comrade Terror is signaling for one of the most fear moves in the GWF a move so devastating it's banned in the earth leagues....He picks up Sam...Here is COMES!!!! ATOMIC WARHEAD PILEDRIVER!!!!! SAM IS OUT COLD!


That's all she wrote ladies and gentlemen....Sam went for the deathjump and it...wait....who's this....Terror's tag team partner Thantos has run into the ring...this can't be good for Sam....ANOTHER ATOMIC WARHEAD BY TERROR!!! Thantos then applies the MASTERLOCK FIGURE FOUR!  THERE TRYING TO END SAM'S CAREER!!! Security has hit the ring! Terror and Thantos roll out and there DESTROYING THE RINGSIDE AREA!  WAIT... There coming towards the announcers table....I'm outta here......

(Later on it was revealed that commander Sam's injuries were so devastating that he would be out for 5 weeks. For their blatant attack Terror and Thantos were only given a one week suspension. That's one weak suspension if you ask me.) 

"Everything you read in the play was all dictated by the cards and the charts. It was a lot of fun and because the 2 opponents were rivals I was able to roll on the rival chart at the end of the match and that's how Sam got injured. You can really ramp this game up to be as involved as you want. You can adapt storyline, make rivals and there are tons of expansion. There are even pack for legends of wrestling or other indy wrestling leagues. I had a great time playing this with Ty."


"I picked my character because he looked like Godzilla. I thought the game was very easy to learn. I like that it is set in the future and you have all these different aliens battling each other."

Check Out The Game Here

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