Monday, May 8, 2017

5-8-2017 - Review - Discount Salmon (2013)

Try as i might i can not beat my son at speed games. I have been sitting on this one for a little while and when we were looking for something quick to play he said "how about this one." Ok young padawan, today is the day i beat you at a speed game. Let's do this.

Players are fishmongers whose supply comes exclusively from the world's most contaminated body of water: Lake Miasma. Every single thing that comes out of that cesspool has SOMETHING wrong with it. How do you make a profit out of this thing?
  Discount Salmon is NOT a trick taking game (but claims to be) in which players simultaneously try to resolve fish quality issues or make it more difficult for other players to do the same by making bad fish even worse. Fish problems include Stinky, Dry, Poisonous, Ugly and Not a Fish. The conditions are resolved by Perfume, Lotion, Antidote, Make-Up and a Fish Costume respectively. If a fish does not already have a condition it can be added by playing Rotten Eggs, Blistering Hot Sun, Nuclear Waste, Mustache or Fish Decoy. As it's a speed game, all players are applying modifiers to the fish simultaneously. The player that resolves the last of it's remaining conditions wins the fish. The winning player is the one who has accumulated the most fish when all the fish cards have been resolved.

Tyler described this as a fish debate, I called it a fish incident. The best thing i can say is that i wentfirst. The reflexes of a 44 year old man are still no match for an 11 year old. I gave my best..... but i guess my best wasn't good enough. Every time i had a set that he also had, he beat me to the punch. the final score was close but in no way shape or form was this a close game. When it was head to head, he got the cards first 85% of the time. Final score Tyler 14 - Dad 10.

 Board Game Geek Rating: 5.8

 "Although i get spanked at speed games, I did enjoy this. the art was funny and it was light and quick."

" I like that it is easy to play and quick to set up. It really good filler. Also i would like to say that if i ever see a fish with a mustache in real life it would be the best fish ever."

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