Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Kickstarter Review - Bushido Breaker


 The ninja, so fast, so deadly. the name itself lends the mind to think of stealth and deadly force. Today me and Ty review Bushido Breaker and i try t stop him from eliminating my shogun.

It is the Sengoku period, an era of great unrest within the gravely compromised empire of feudal Japan. Your emperor is nothing but a figurehead while the shogun holds the true power. There are many men who desire to hold the title of shogun and then there is you...
Bushido Breaker is a hidden movement card game of deduction & calculated risks, themed as ninja vs. samurai, that is 2-4 players.

The game revolves around the ninja trying to move location-to-location, either disarming enough alarms before assassinating the shogun or by killing all the samurai, in order to win. The samurai are trying to kill the ninja or notice them enough in order to catch them. The cards either represent different locations, ninja & samurai actions, or samurai. Every card that the ninja has as an action, the samurai has a counter to. Through deduction, each team is trying to figure out what the other will play round-to-round. Though the samurai greatly out-number the ninja, their greatest challenge is figuring out where the ninja are and what they'll do next...
Obviously Ty wanted the chance to kill my shogun. Each player gets 1 special card out of a few to choose from. I know Tyler will make quick work of some of my samurai so while i am looking at these cards i see one that i think is OP (overpowered). It is a card called showdown which i can play when i only have 2 samurai left. This card brings the ninja and two samurai to this card and only lets the players play from this card, no other locations. As expected he starts killing my samurai and when i get down to two i smile and play the showdown card. He is not mad? he says "your still dead.". Now i know he can play hide and i can use my weapon and miss (all long range weapons are useless at this point). Well i have two samurai so i play katana and smile....and he smiles and plays his special card which is Metsubushi, which counters the samurai's weapon and kills him. Damn. Ok i still got this I just have to get him this turn. I'll use my weapon again, he won't hide now....and he does....mmmmm.. Ok i'll Search for him, he is just going to burn my attack cards "I got you this time". and as i reveal my search card he says "Your Dead."

 "This is a great two player deduction game. there were several times during the game that i thought "I got this", only for that not to be the case at all. The panic sets in as you start losing samurai. An excellent experience. Also the art is very well done, minimal and stylish".

"I like the showdown card because it completely changes the multiple ending conditions for the game".

The kickstarter for Bushido Breaker runs from July 11th to August 15th and can be found here.

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  1. This game sounds complex to me but the backstory is pretty cool. Good luck to the creator for the kickstarter run. I hope the game can collect sufficient funds.